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5 moons - "Written in Red" by Anne Bishop

Written in Red - Anne Bishop

My very first book I’ve ever read from Anne Bishop and definitely not my last.  I have been meaning to readWritten in Red since I noticed some of my Goodreads buddies raving about this series.  I decided I needed to read a book that wasn’t a review request, so I went to my local library and borrowed it.  Let’s just say I am now impatiently waiting for the second book from my library because I had a hard time putting down Written in Red.  It took me a while to read it due to life getting in the way, and other books I needed to read but I finished it and now I WANT more.

I wasn’t an avid romance reader back in high school (not until my adult years), so Dark/Urban Fantasy stories became an obsession at a young age.  (My mom used to say I would have nightmares over these books, but instead I found them comforting)  Thanks to Written in Red I’m wanting to read this genre more again.  I love when authors can create fantasy worlds that have never been done before.  First, imagine when we first inhabited North America and instead of Native Americans being there, there were the Others.  These Others are shape shifters, vampires, elementals, etc., which they have power over the humans.  They are not your dreamy shape shifters or vampires…but your scary ones that will make you have nightmares and will eat you without a reason. (Well…technically if you are seen as a threat…then you are food) Anne Bishop has created a Dark Fantasy world that will have any human not wanting to be apart of.  In the case of this Book Lovin’ Mama though, I dived into the story without hesitation and had a hard time getting back to reality.  I was entranced in the world of the Others, and the main character who has all the Others running with their heads cut off…Meg.  Meg ended up in the world of the Others from running away from the world she’s only known.  She’s one of the special humans that the Others know little of, but they are intrigued with her and want to protect her from the bad guys that want her back.  Simon Wolfgard is the one that allows her access to the Courtyard, where the Others live.  He’s hesitant at first, but he knows deep down something is different about her.  She doesn’t smell like prey, which confuses him and the Others.

I could go on and on about the story, but I definitely don’t want to give anything away.  This is a story that has a lot going on, but it’s easy to follow.  Anne Bishop writes in third person, which enables the reader to follow along with not only Meg, Simon, but several others characters that take the reigns in the story.  I loved getting to know the Others, the human police, and the bad guys that were after Meg.  There is also another character who is bad, but I definitely don’t want to give that person away.  Let’s just say I didn’t like this person and I definitely went with Simon’s instincts on this character.  I loved how the person ended up in the end.

I loved everything about this story and how Anne Bishop built this dark world about the Others.  They are a fascinating bunch and I can’t wait to read the next book to be apart of their world again.  Meg is such a sweet girl and I was glad to get to know her in this story.  She played a very important role in this book and grew so much being with the Others.  I loved how Anne made me feel for every single one of them.  The only character I’m kind of scared of, but also fascinated with is Tess.  Holy crap…she’s scary.  I want to learn more about her though.  If all the Others are scared of her, I’ll be scared of her too.

I give this book 5 full moons and highly recommend it to readers that love the Dark/Urban Fantasy genre.  Here’s hoping my hold on the next book at the library doesn’t take too long. Anne Bishop has definitely sucked me into this world she created, and I can’t wait to dive back in again with the second book.

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