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4 full moons - "Bared" by Stacey Kennedy

Bared  - Stacey Kennedy

Bared is the second book in the Club Sin series and it definitely has some serious kink to it.  (It will include lots of tension and secrets going around though…be warned)  I have been patiently waiting for Aidan’s book since he was introduced in Claimed.  Actually…I’m patiently waiting for everyone of the Club Sin Masters’ books.  =)

Stacey gives us Aidan and Cora’s story, and they definitely are one hot couple together.  Aidan is the sexy lawyer by day and Club Sin Master at night.  His submissive for two years now has always been Cora, but he has made no move to collar Cora.  In fact, Aidan is still dealing with his past with another submissive he had.  He is having a hard time getting over her and what happened to her.  He’s afraid to feel for another submissive like he did in the past.

Cora is the social services counselor by day and submissive to Aidan by night.  She keeps both her job and her pleasure from intertwining together.  None of her co-workers know of her thrills that she has with Aidan.  They just assume she goes out with the girls at night, but Cora has known she has loved the BDSM life style since before Club Sin.  She had another Dom before and now he is more of a best friend.  Porter was always there for her and her past with Porter is going to creep up, due to what is going to occur with her and Aidan.

Aidan in Bared is going to play the “I don’t know” card and he’s worried because Cora is shutting down on him in Bared.  I swear he was clueless.  There were times I wanted to go through the book and smack him around.  Wake up, Aidan….Grrrr!!!  He’s a dang lawyer shouldn’t he figure out what is going on right away.  Geez…LOL  He did show his dominant ways though, which made me forget all his crazy foolishness at times.

Cora was annoying at times as well.  She drove me crazy on not sharing what she felt.  I wanted to smack her around.   Another GRRRRR moment!!!!

Between Aidan and Cora going back and forth with each other and one certain scene, where Aidan stops what he is doing with Cora…Let’s just say, I screamed at them.  You foolish characters who drove me crazy, but Stacey managed to redeem my love for them at the end.  Aidan definitely won me over at the end of the book.  I’ll leave it at that…because I don’t want to spoil it.

Whenever these two characters got together though…it was like the room I was in was heating up whenever I read their sexy scenes together.  Aidan and Cora had some serious HOT chemistry.  Could they not see and feel it?  (Must remind myself they are fictional)

I give this book 4 full moons and recommend it to readers out there that enjoy an erotic romance with BDSM elements to it.  Be ready for some serious kink.  Stacey knows how to heat it up a notch in each of the books she writes.

I’m looking forward to Kyler’s book next.  He won me over in Bared.  He put Aidan in his place in certain parts of the books.  Oh yes…he definitely showed he is a Dom for a reason.  LOVE him!!!

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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