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4.5 moons - "Kissed by a Dark Prince" by Felicity Heaton

Kissed by a Dark Prince  - Felicity E. Heaton

Kissed by a Dark Prince is the first book from Felicity Heaton’s new series Eternal Mates and it definitely was a very addictiong, page-turning paranormal romance story.

Felicity Heaton did an amazing job on starting off a brand new series about some very sexy characters (who are elves) that definitely will make your heart skip a beat or two.  At least that is what Prince Loren did for me because he definitely had a piece of my heart, while reading Kissed by a Dark Prince.

Here it is the Elf Prince, Loren has been searching for his eternal mate for centuries now, and he meets his lovely mate in the worst possible way.  He’s unconscious, when he meets his mate, Olivia, who is due to inspect the unconscious Prince.  She has no idea what he is, and she’s determined to find out all about him.  Unfortunately, her world is going to change the minute Loren wakes up and bites her.  She is thrown into a world of chaos due to her job not getting over her past with a paranormal creature , and Loren’s past creeping up trying to hurt him for what he did so long ago.

Loren has so much he is going through the minute he is introduced to his mate and he never wished to put his mate through it all.  He did not even mean to bite her without her permission.  What I loved most about his character, is how he did not push Olivia to continue being his mate.  He was willing to move on and conquer his past, while trying to break the bond between Olivia.  It was difficult for him, even when he was trying to protect her from his crazy, chaotic world.  He stole my heart the minute he was willing to give up having her due to what happened to her in the past and what he did to her to make the bond happen.

Olivia was a very interesting character the minute she was introduced due to her having a dark past too.  She is still recovering from what happened to her brother, and she is determined to find some good with the paranormal creatures that inhabit the world.  Unfortunately, she is about to find out first hand how some paranormal creatures are just down right horrible no matter what.  She was a bit annoying with how she reacted to certain situations, but I definitely grew to adore her at the end.

The twists and turns at the end with what Loren was going through with his past…involving his brother, was the biggest why I had a hard time putting this book down.  My emotions were going haywire because I wanted the closure to happen for Loren and his brother.  Felicity left us begging for more though and what is going to happen next.

Oh…and the romance between Loren and Olivia was beautifully done.  When they finally got together, there definitely was the perfect connection, or should I say chemistry between them.  =)  Felicity has a way with her romance scenes between her characters she writes, one of many reasons why I am a big fan of her writing style.

I could go on and on about this book and how now I am looking forward to the next characters’ book.  Can we have Bleu’s story?  He definitely was very interesting Elf…especially when he showed signs of possessiveness to a female character.

If you are a fan of Felicity Heaton’s other books and a fan of Paranormal Romance, you will enjoy this book.  If you have not read any of Felicity’s books yet, why haven’t you?  Get to it!  =)

I give this book 4.5 moons and definitely will be picking up the next Eternal Mates book when it releases.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2013/12/17/review-kissed-by-a-dark-prince-by-felicity-heaton