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4 full moons - "The Thrill of It" by Lauren Blakely

The Thrill of It - Lauren Blakely

This is my first book that I have ever read from Lauren Blakely, and I definitely want to read more from her now.  I love finding new authors to add to my ever-growing list of auto-buying authors.  (I can’t help it though…I love reading)

I was a little skeptical at first on reading The Thrill of It because it definitely is much different from what I’m used to.  I gave it go though and I wish I had not been sick, when I was reading it, and it was not around a holiday.  I could not keep my focus on reading it.  I had to take a few days here and there to read it.  ( I was literally getting frustrated )

I loved the fact that Lauren Blakely gives us two characters, who are both broken and are trying to get fixed.  They meet each other during one of their sex/love addict meetings and they hit it off from the beginning.  Harley has gone through a lot in life, and she ends up becoming a Call girl to the rich and powerful.  The kicker though is, she is still a virgin.  She was hired to just be a stand-in girlfriend, or to praise the guys on certain things.  Now, she is trying to change her life and get past her call girl days.  Unfortunately, someone caught on, what she was doing and is now blackmailing her.  Her past is constantly going to be there, no matter what she does to fix it.

Trey on the other hand has had a thing for older women since what happened to him in the past and he is trying to get over what he did. He meets Harley at one of the meetings they go to, and they both realize they need each other.

This is story of two characters, who are definitely broken; one more broken than the other.  The other is trying to help the other from spiraling down back in the past.  Be prepared for one hell of a roller coaster.

I loved Lauren’s writing style and how, she was able to gripme  into what Harley and Trey were going through.  So many emotions were going through, when I was reading their backgrounds.  There were times, I lost interest, but that is because the book really did not pick up until towards the middle and I could not stand certain characters.  =(   One character in particular, who I could literally hit personally, if she was real,  Harley’s mother…who obviously needs help.  The other person, who I despised was the one blackmailing Harley.  Grrr!!!!  Those two made me want to throw my Kindle down.

Be prepared for a head of time of some tension between the characters, emotionally and sexually.  Trey is such a sweetheart, even when he reacted horribly in one part of the story.  ( I did hate how he reacted to one particular scene with Harley )

I personally believe if I had not been dealing with bronchitis and dealing with preparing for a big holiday meal…I would have focused more on The Thrill of it.  Unfortunately, my body and mind took a toll and I needed to be able to recharge whenever I could.

I look forward to reading the next part in Trey and Harley’s story since Lauren left us hanging at the end.  I love cliffhangers.  =)

If you enjoy the New Adult genre and love a book with two characters trying everything to find themselves then you will enjoy this book.

I received a complimentary copy of the book for the blog tour in exchange for an honest review.

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