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5 full moons - "Wish I May" by Lexi Ryan

Wish I May - Lexu Ryan, Nelson Hobbs, Lucy Malone

Oh my…I should be used these kind of books making me a sobbing mess, but Wish I Maydefinitely made my mascara run.  Between what Cally has had to go through in this book and then knowing what William has been through…Cally and William definitely were meant to have a second chance together.

Wish I May is a story about a girl named, Cally, who has been living a life of trying to take care of her two little sisters because both of her parents are not up to it.  She has had to make choices that other people would frown upon, so she could have a roof over her sisters heads and food on the table.  Now, that her mother has passed away, she is forced to take the girls back to their father, who has never really been there for them and to their hometown. The minute Cally is in town though, she runs into William, her ex-boyfriend.  She happened to break his heart over 7 years ago, when she never showed up to go to his prom.  William is able to forgive, but none of his friends think Cally would be a great idea to hook up with again.  For Will though, the minute he sees Cally, he can’t not see her.  He wants to know the truth on what happened to her, but he’s willing to wait.

Wish I May has lots of tension from Cally and Will, mostly from Cally since she is trying to convince herself that she can’t hook up with Will again.  Will is trying to convince Cally that they should have second chance.  There is moments of passion, romance, and heartache, and of course jealousy from another female character, who happens to try to convince Will, Cally will never change.

There are definitely some hard secrets of Cally that comes up front towards the end of the book that will make you realize this poor girl has been through hell and back.  She never had it easy and poor Will had his own trouble he has been going through.  I felt sympathetic for both them.

This book will make you cry, smile, and cringe at times, but all in all, in the end, this book definitely proves there can be happily ever after, after so much grief and tragedy

I give this book 5 full moons and highly recommend it to readers, who can handle a book putting you through so much.

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2013/10/31/blog-tour-wish-i-may-by-lexi-ryan-review-giveaway