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4.5 moons - "Sweet" by Erin McCarthy

Sweet  - Erin McCarthy

Sweet is the second book to the True Believers series from Erin McCarthy and it definitely lives up to its title.  This was such a sweet, tense, and steamy read involving Jessica Sweet, who’s world is difficult, at least in her eyes.  She doesn’t like going home to visit due to her parents being the parents that like to control her life still at an adult, so she comes up with an excuse to not go home for the summer.  If they found out the truth, she would be forced to do what they want or lose her tuition for school.  They want her to live like they do, but she doesn’t.  She ends up staying with Riley, but it is only supposed to be a week, but it ends up being the best week of her life.  She is starting to fall for the one man, who is always treating her like a little girl or sister.  She is supposed to not fall in love, but it’s kind of hard with a man that looks like Riley.

Riley is the sweetie in the story and I loved every bit of him.  He won me over from the beginning even with his attitude at first.  Riley was put in so many predicaments with Jessica and he knew how to handle her at times, but other times, he got frustrated.

He made Jessica change so much in this story and found out the real truth about her and even put her on the spot. He definitely kept my interest the minute he was introduced.  He had so much heart to him and all he wanted was to keep custody of his youngest brother and he worked so hard to be the big brother, even when he thought he was failing.

Jessica was annoying in the story in the beginning because of how her character was.  She uses guys for her enjoyment and ends up leaning them on, but then one of her guy friends turns on her, when she needs him the most, but Riley is there to help her out.  She ends up helping Riley in the story and making him see how he definitely is the perfect guardian for his younger brother and all of his brothers really.

I loved every bit of this story and found myself crying at the end, especially when Riley had to face custody issues about his younger brother.  This is such a touching story about two people, who are meant to help each other through their biggest obstacles and make them stronger as one.

I give this book 4.5 moons and recommend it to New Adult readers out there.  I look forward to the next book in the True Believer series because this series definitely has become a fave of mine in the New Adult genre.  Erin McCarthy’s Sweet makes the emotions go haywire and makes you feel for the characters.  =)

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2013/10/15/arc-review-sweet-by-erin-mccarthy