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Frozen - 'Melissa de la Cruz',  'Michael Johnston'

I despise writing up reviews lower than 3 stars because I have a hard time expressing myself in reviews lower than 3 stars.  I am not a reviewer, who bashes authors and their books and this review is definitely not going to be like that at all. .

I love Melissa de la Cruz’s books and was a diehard fans of her Blue Blood series, so when I heard she was coming out with a new series, I had to read it.  I also loved the synopsis of Frozen, when I read it and was interested on reading something that she teamed up with her husband with.  Unfortunately, there were times I wanted to put Frozen down and DNF it, but I’m not one of those readers.  If I do DNF it, I will not review it…but that’s just me.  There has to be a serious issue with the book for me to DNF it.

Frozen kept my attention at certain parts of the books, but other times, it just kept dragging for me and was not something I was used to from Melissa.  I wanted to continue reading it though because Melissa is one of my favorite YA Authors.

I was beginning to like the storyline of the story, and what happened to the world and how it became the way it is.  It definitely had the dystopian feeling I am used to.  I also liked finding out a little bit about Natasha Kestal and what she was, especially towards the ending.  She kept me reading the story.  When she ended up with Ryan Wesson and his gang, I started losing interest because that is when I started getting confused.  All of a sudden, pirates are involved and trash icebergs are everywhere. Then are little people and a sylph, who has powers and wants to go to the Blue.  I also was a little confused with the voice in Nat’s head and, who she kept talking to and the ending seem rushed to me.

The love story is what threw me off the most due to how Ryan and Nat kept feeling connected with each other, but they kept coming up with excuses…especially Ryan (otherwise called Wes).  He just wanted to get Nat to where she was going, but then he kept warring with his himself, saying he really did not want to give her up.  He was not my favorite character and neither were the brothers in the story.

Once I was done reading the book, I was more confused than ever with what happened. There was just too much going on in this book and it was just too fast paced for me, especially at the end of each chapter.  The action was more towards the end of the book.

Will I continue reading this series, very unlikely…but I will continue reading Melissa de la Cruz books.  If it wasn’t for Barnes & Noble having her Blue Bloods books on display a few years ago, I would have never knew anything about her and her books.  Her Blue Bloods series are on my YA bookcase at home…and I have re-read them several times.

I do recommend this book to dystopian YA readers out there that have it on their to be read shelf or who are fans of Melissa’s books like I am.  This book was just not for me, but it may for other readers out there.  I am still a fan of Melissa de la Cruz and look forward to any other books she comes out with.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from Penguin’s First to Read Program in exchange for an honest review.

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