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5 stars - "Being Me" by Lisa Renee Jones

Being Me (Inside Out Trilogy, #2) - Lisa Renee Jones

Oh my! I have no idea how to start off this review because this book made me go through so much that I’m having a hard time putting down in words…what I loved most about this book. Lisa Renee Jones stepped up even further in Being Me with the emotions, romance, and suspense. HOLY MOLY!!! This book put me through hell several times. I think I got run over by a truck and trampled over by elephants or something after reading this book. It’s not a bad thing either.

- Warning though…this is a long review…but it will not contain Spoilers -

I never knew an Author, who could leave me in such shock over just an amazing ending and even throughout the whole entire damn story. Lisa Renee Jones, I bow to your writing style because now I’m having a hard time doing anything else. She gripped me into the story and made me feel everything that Sara was feeling. I definitely felt like I was a long the ride with Sara on finding out where the heck is Rebecca at? Why has she not come back from her trip with her mysterious lover?

Why is Sara now in danger? And what the hell is wrong with Chris in this story? He definitely made me step back several times and hate him. He put Sara through so much and did not explain why. Grrr!!! I also was worried that Sara was living Rebecca’s life because at the end of If I Were You, we found out a deep secret about Chris and what he does to punish himself. In Being Me, Sara is trying to keep herself from following the same path as Rebecca. She does not want to be controlled like she was with her father and the man her father wanted her with. In fact, her past creeps up in Being Me, but that life is crushed with the help of Chris.

Chris is always there for her, but in the ending when something crushes him, he ends up going back down the road, he has tried to keep Sara from. Sara did the wrong thing and ends up several times trying to get some answers from the people that Chris despises and wants Sara to stay away from.

Being Me is all about Sara continuing her search for Rebecca, trying to find out what happened to her friend Ella, and find out more about the man she is falling for. She begins to question and doubt everyone in Being Me and Lisa Renee Jones makes you question everyone’s motives and if, who you think is a good guy, may be behind everything is happening.

I definitely was not expecting that ending that Lisa did…and there are so many more questions I still need answered about Chris. More questions opened up in this story even when something came to a close.

I wish I could give this book 10 full moons because this book definitely deserves it. I am still in shock after typing up this review. I must read the next book in the series right away, so I can finally learn about the mysterious, sexy Chris.

My last bit on my review that I left for last that I loved most about this story was the steamy, hot scenes between Sara and Chris. There is so much more with these two, that make you love them together, but fear for them both as well. The tension and the love between those two are there in the open. They both have a hard time expressing it due to what they have been through. They definitely have to figure out what they want with each other and I hope Revealing Us has an amazing ending for both Sara and Chris. I’m already prepared for another world wind of emotions. I need to have the tissues on hand and cold ice water for the scenes that get really steamy in the next book. I have learned my lesson with Lisa Renee Jones…at least I hope so. She is definitely auto-buy Author for me and I definitely recommend the Inside Out books to anyone, who loves an author, who can make you leave reality for awhile. (I’m having a hard time going back to reality now after Being Me)

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