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4.5 moons - "Burned in Shadows" by Tigris Eden

Burned in Shadows - Tigris Eden

I was so excited to read Burned in Shadows because Tigris Eden left me hanging at the end of Enslaved in Shadows.  I was one of those that was cussing at the end of Enslaved in Shadows. GRRRR!!  If you have not read Enslaved in Shadows, I recommend you do so, before reading Burned in Shadows or maybe even this review.  You will want to know about the sexy, dangerous twins, Royce ( LOVE HIM ) and Ronin.  You will also want to know what happened to Jesminda and why she is going through what she is going through inBurned in Shadows.

Can I just say first off, how much I hate the character Black in Burned in Shadows?  I should love him because of who he really is…but I can’t because he is such a jerk in this book.  He made me grit my teeth and made me what to punch him.  (I had to remind myself, he’s fictional)

Tigris Eden definitely had me fall in love with Royce even more in this book and made me fall for Ronin too, even with what happened in the first book.  These two have a story behind them and they have been looking for their one true love for awhile.  They have to be able to share her and she must accept them both and be able to react the way they need, when they are together.  They have had their eyes on Belinda, the sexy vixen, who keeps blowing them off for her own reasons. She knows the sexy twins have their own intentions, but she’s not sure if she could trust them with her heart.  She has her own dilemmas to worry about.  She has to be my new favorite female character to like so far in the book because she stood up to her mother and her brother in this book.  She also was ONE COOL ASS character because she is a Phoenix.

What I love most about these books from Tigris Eden is that she throws in some history into the mix.  In Burned in Shadows, Cleopatra plays a role in the original Phoenix Enclave.  I LOVE this timeframe and when Tigris threw in a fictional way of the story of Cleopatra, I was beyond intrigued.

Tigris makes sure to pick up where the first book left off at and makes the story build up to a very big conclusion because of course the ending was another HUGE cliff-hanger.  Grrr!!  Seriously, was not expecting that for the ending (in the epilogue).  Tigris knows how to leave us in shock and begging for more.

She even knows how to write some very steamy sex scenes.  I LOVED the scenes of Royce, Ronin, and Belinda.  I also loved the one with Royce in the shower.  I highly recommend not reading these particular scenes, while traveling, which I had to do…because my hubby kept wondering what I was smiling at.  (If only he knew…LOL)

I give this book 4.5 moons and highly recommend it to paranormal romance readers out there.

Looking forward to the next installment in the Shadow Unit series.  Here’s hoping it is not very long because I need to find out about Gabe.  =)

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