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5 moons - 'Dare to Touch' by Carly Phillips

Dare to Touch - Carly Phillips

Dare to Touch is officially my favorite in Carly Phillips' Dare to Love series because I absolutely adored Olivia Dare and Dylan Rhodes. The minute I started reading Dare to Touch, I knew I was going to have a hard time putting down Olivia and Dylan's book. Unfortunately, I had to thanks to work taking precedence, but every day for lunch I read a few chapters and during those hours I couldn't read Dare to Touch I was thinking about it.

Olivia is a woman who has trust issues, especially when it comes to men due to her father never being there for her when she needed him the most. He was too busy with his second family to really even care. Then there was the life-changing moment she had with her ex-boyfriend. She could never really trust to be with another man again. She also couldn't move on with what happened to her and I felt horrible for poor Olivia. She had every reason to not be able to move on and to be scared for the future.

Dylan Rhodes is the very determined character in Dare to Touch because he wants to prove how much he cares for Olivia. Olivia makes it difficult for him and I felt terrible for how hard Dylan had to push his feelings for her. Dylan has had a rough life as well, so he is trying to make his future much better than it was with someone he loves. Dylan wants the truth out of Olivia, so it will take a little coaxing to win Olivia over. (Maybe a lot of coaxing) Olivia is going to have some obvious trust issues with Dylan due to a certain character that is in his life, so there is a little drama in Dare to Touch.


Carly wrote the perfect guy for Olivia in Dare to Touch and I'm so happy for her HEA. She deserved it for everything she has gone through. I enjoyed this book tremendously due the characters and the storyline. I'm hoping Carly gives hints on who Avery and Scott end up with. (Olivia's sister and brother)

I give this book 5 full moons and highly recommend this book and the rest of the series to Contemporary Romance readers out there. You don't have to read these in order, but personally I recommend you do. You will not want to miss out on some of the rest of Olivia's family (brothers and cousins) that get their HEA. The Dare kids definitely deserve happiness.

****Dare to Touch is my favorite of the series….so far****    =)

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2015/01/18/arc-review-dare-to-touch-by-carly-phillips