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5 moons - Fallen by Lauren Kate (re-read)

Fallen - Lauren Kate

I read Fallen by Lauren Kate back in 2010, when I was reading like a mad woman before I started reviewing books. Thanks to my local library I was able to listen to Fallen on my drive to my oldest daughter's school in the morning and afternoon.

I enjoyed every bit of listening to Fallen this time around. I loved reading Fallen in 2010, so I was excited to listen to the narrator, Justine Eyre bring it to life. I missed Lucinda, Daniel, and Cam. (yes…even Cam). It seems I'm catching on things by listening to the book instead of reading the second time around. I enjoy having a narrator tell the story using his/her voice.

Fallen is Young Adult, so there is not going to be HOT romance like in New Adult or PNR. Yes, I may be in my thirties, but every once in a while I'm drawn to read Young Adult. I have a 9 year old daughter, so I'm looking for books that she can read once she is at the age that she can read YA. She's already showing an interest in certain genres of YA, but she's not ready to read them (her exact words not mine). The length of the book intimidates her. I also read YA because sometimes the cover/synopsis draws me in, which is exactly what Fallen did when I first saw it on Amazon back in 2010. A story about a young girl trying to live her life after tragedy strikes and she is blamed for the tragedy. She ends up meeting two young boys at her new boarding school. One who keeps his distance and other that wants to get to know her. She's intrigued by the one that keeps his distance because she is drawn to him. What she doesn't know is Daniel, the boy that is trying to avoid her has a secret that he wants to keep for a reason.

I loved Luce's character because she doesn't do anything to stop her for what she wants, even if something is haunting her. She is determined more than ever to figure out why Daniel is the way he is, and she also is dealing with several other things in Fallen that I definitely don't want to give away. I enjoyed the triangle in the book that Lauren Kate throws in and I also enjoyed what comes forward in the book. One of my favorite paranormal elements is in the book and forewarning there is a slight cliffhanger. It leaves the reader knowing there will be more. So many more questions must be answered and I know back in 2010 I had to wait until the second book was out the following year. Now I can read them back to back, as long as my library carries the audiobooks for me.

I give this book 5 full moons and highly recommend it to Young Adult readers out there. Fallen is being made into a movie, or actually it has. I'm just waiting for it to be announced, when it will officially come out.  =)

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2014/12/14/audio-review-fallen-by-lauren-kate