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3.5 moons - "Ever After" by Kate SeRine

Ever After - Kate SeRine

Fans of the show Once Upon a Time should definitely consider reading Kate SeRine’s Transplanted Tales series.  If you are like me and are waiting patiently for Once Upon a Time to return in the Fall season, you need your fairy tale fix and Kate SeRine delivers in her Transplanted Tales.  Kate SeRine has our favorite classic fairy tales in her own creative version with twists and turns for our favorite characters.

In Ever After, Kate SeRine gives us the tales of Robin Hood and King Arthur (with a few other tales showing up that are mentioned).  If you’ve read the previous book, you would have been introduced to the lead character of Ever After, Gideon Montrose.  If you are like me, you were excited to read Gideon’s book because he deserved a HEA.  Kate SeRine has Gideon telling the story from his point of view and in Ever After he is serving King of Fairies without question.  The King of Fairies wants Gideon to find out who is stealing the fairy dust from the fairies.  Gideon is going to find out the culprit happens to be someone he knows very well.  In comes Arabella Locksley (aka Robin Hood), who supposedly died five hundred years ago.  She’s in the flesh, and Gideon is perturbed to find out what really happened and why she has stayed in hidden.

Kate SeRine gives not only the storyline of Gideon having to find out who is stealing the fairy dust, but she also throws in twists and turns in the matter.  One matter will hit close to Gideon and Arabella that may jeopardize their future again together.

I enjoyed reading this installment of Kate’s Transplanted Tales, unfortunately there were some elements missing that I was used to from the previous books.  The previous installments had a lot more humor to them and some build up to romance.  Don’t get me wrong, Kate throws in romance into the story, but she didn’t have the build up like the other books.  There’s already a HEA and the book focuses on something else entirely. Gideon and Arabella had amazing chemistry together, but they didn’t have me swooning like the other characters did in the other books.  (I will always love Nate & Tess, and Trish & Nicky…especially Nicky!)  I will say this…I have always loved King Arthur and Robin Hood, and was ecstatic to read how Kate was going to tell them in her own creative way.  I loved every bit of the background and other characters in the story that came forward.  Merlin for one was an interesting character, even though Gideon was pissed off at him.  I would be too, no doubt because he kept something huge from him.

Although, this book is not my favorite in the series it still was an enjoyable read. It quenched my thirst for my favorite fairy tale characters.  I anxiously wait to read the next installment in Kate SeRine’s Transplanted Tales.  This series has been a favorite fairy tales re-make since I was introduced to it and plan on re-reading this series whenever I can (especially during the time I can’t watch Once Upon a Time)  =)

I give this book 3.5 moons and recommend it to UF/PNR readers out there.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2014/08/21/arc-review-ever-after-by-kate-serine