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4.5 moons - "Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night" by Kresley Cole

Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night - Kresley Cole

I read this book back in 2010 and finally got a chance to re-read this year (2014).  I never reviewed it back in 2010, so now here’s my chance too.  I was into binge reading back into 2010 and not reviewing, but I’m correcting it now by doing re-reads.

In 2010, I didn’t really enjoy this book like the others because of the male character Bowen.  Oh…how I hated his character. I had my reasons because the way he treated Mariketa at first.  If you read the previous book, you would know why I didn’t like him.  Although, after listening to this book I finally was able to understand and like Bowen better.  (I highly recommend listening to this book thanks to the narrator)

Kresley Cole managed to tell certain parts of the previous book in this book.  I will always be amazed how she has her books continue the story with different characters and different perspectives of certain situations that have already happened.  She is a master of telling a story with her characters and world building like crazy.  This is just a couple of reasons why Kresley will always be one of my favorite paranormal romance authors.

In Wicked Deeds of a Winter’s Night, the story picks up where Bowen has to save Mariketa from the cave, he had put her in.  Yup…he is has to go save the witch that actually cursed him.  He believes she not only put one curse on him, but another one that enchanted him to desire her.  (Bowen is going to meet his match, and Kresley Cole did an amazing job on giving him a character that put him through the ringer) Mariketa is making friends in that cave who are protecting her.  She’s not full immortal yet, so the demons in the caves with her are determined to keep her safe.  She is the witch that supposedly that is going to be more powerful than others.  When Bowen goes to rescue her, Mari doesn’t make it easy for him.  (I adored her in every turn of the book because how she handled Bowen.)

Bowen lost his mate a long time ago, and he was hoping to get back from winning the prize from the competition they were in.  If you read the previous book, you’ll understand why Bowen is depressed in this book.  He’s only depressed for a little while though because he’s starting to gain feelings for the difficult witch.

I could go on and on about this book, but for anyone who hasn’t read this series yet…I’ll quit now.  =)  I originally gave this book 3.75 moons back in 2010.  It didn’t grasp my attention like the others did and because of Bowen, but the second read of it did it justice.  Maybe because I was not binge reading this time. I know I will end up reading this book and the others all over again, but the IAD series will always be a favorite of mine.

I give this book 4.5 moons now and will continue listening the series in audio because it definitely gets me through them faster, especially when I have things to do around the house.

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2014/07/19/audio-review-wicked-deeds-on-a-winters-night-by-kresley-cole