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4 moon rating - "Deep Surrendering Episode Two" by Chelsea M. Cameron

Deep Surrendering: Episode Two - Chelsea M. Cameron

WARNING:  You will need to read the first episode before reading the second episode of Deep Surrendering.  Deep Surrendering is a series of novellas of about 20,000 words and a new episode will be released every 3rd Thursday of the month.

I’m loving the fact that Chelsea M. Cameron is releasing an episode every month that way I’m not going too crazy waiting.  Although, once I start getting answers about Fin…I’m left with more questions.  I need to find out what is up with Fin because he definitely has some issues.  At least I got some answers in Episode Two, but I really thought after what he did to Marisol in the first episode that she would write him off and move on.  At least that is what I would do, but Marisol is definitely curious about Fin sexually and emotionally.  He does have some appealing qualities, but he definitely is freaking me out with all these secrets he has.  One of Finn’s issues he brings up is his first sexual experience with someone he knew very well that may have triggered to what he is today.  But I’m thinking there is definitely something else going on that he still has not uncovered to make him dark and mysterious.  He does keep saying that he wants to scare Marisol away…well…he may scare me away for her.  LOL  She’s really intrigued by him.

In this episode two, one of Marisol’s issues gets brought up and makes me feel sympathetic to her.  She definitely does not have a very supportive family to what she chooses in life and they definitely are very clingy.  I’m curious to find out how she deals with her parents after getting a taste of what they are doing to her.

All in all this episode was definitely interesting.  More questions, some answers…and more questions.  Yup…can you tell I’m definitely wanting to read the next episode.  Marisol does drive me crazy with her infatuation with Fin…but hopefully once Fin opens up more…I can agree with her decision on being with him.

I give this book 4 full moons and recommend it new adult readers out there.  If you are a fan serials, you will definitely enjoy these.  If you are not…then you may want to wait until all of them are released or at least some of them are released back to back.

I received a complimentary copy of the book for the blog tour (from InkSlinger PR) in exchange for an honest review.

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2014/04/18/review-deep-surrendering-episode-2-by-chelsea-m-cameron-blog-tour-giveaway