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4.5 moon rating - "Grimm Consequences" by Kate SeRine

Grimm Consequences - Kate SeRine

When I found out my favorite male character from the Transplanted Tales series was getting his own little novella, I was excited to find out more about the sexy and mysterious Nate Grimm.  He shows up in the first book in the Transplanted Tales, and there was so many questions to what he really was and how he became a Grim Reaper.  I was anxious to find out what Kate SeRine was going to tell us about Nate.

Kate SeRine didn’t disappoint on answering the questions that bugged me about Nate Grimm, and she also made me fall for him even more after reading this novella. (My list of book boyfriends is already long…but it’s okay to cheat on book boyfriends with other book boyfriends…right?)  In Grimm Consequences we get Nate’s POV and what he is going through instead of Tess. His POV was interesting because he showed his weaknesses in this novella, but he still kept his status of being fierce and protective.  In this short novella, we find out about Nate’s past, how he originally met Tess, and what he is still dealing with after what happened in Red.  Kate puts poor Nate through the wringer in this book with his consequences of what happened inRed.   We also find out how he came to be a Grim Reaper, what he actually looks like, and what his real name is.  What I found the most interesting is how he met Tess and what he sacrificed for her.  He kept sacrificing for her during the story because he loved her.  (Can you tell why I adore him?)

Kate SeRine’s fairy tales are nothing like the fairy tales we grew up to because they are dark-twisted tales that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  I really don’t think you would want to piss off Little Red Riding Hood (aka Tess) in these books or even mess with Humpty Dumpty.

Grimm Consequences is a great continuation after Red (the first book) and I’m so glad Kate gave us Nate’s story. ( I can’t get enough of him)   Kate SeRine’s Transplanted Tales series is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series due it’s development of some of my favorite fairly tale characters and the crazy world of Make-Believe that these characters live in.

I give this book 4.5 moons and highly recommend it to urban fantasy readers and readers that enjoy fairly tales told in a different way.

Reading Order:  Red (Book 1), Grimm Consequences (Book 1.5), The Better to See You (Book 2), Along Came a Spier (Book 3), and coming this August, Ever After (Book 4)

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2014/04/08/arc-review-grimm-consequences-by-kate-serine