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4.5 moons - "It's Always Been You" by Jessica Scott

It's Always Been You - Jessica Scott

I will continue to say it…Jessica Scott is one author who knows how to make my emotions go haywire whenever I read her books.  She creates characters that I feel for and love automatically because of their struggles and strengths.  She manages to put characters together that help each other in some way.  In It’s Always Been You, we have two characters who should hate each other.  One trying to do her job as a lawyer and the other trying to mess up his job being in charge of a company that he didn’t want to be in charge of.   Captain Ben Teague is the one who wants to avoid being in charge.   He’s forced to and now a past colleague is charged with something that can’t possibly be true.  He never thought someone who saved his life would end up doing something that is unforgivable and hurtful.  Here comes Major Olivia Hale is in charge of getting the soldiers that don’t deserve to be in the Army put out for good.  Ben’s colleague is one that is on Olivia’s radar and she can’t fathom why Ben would side with what his colleague did.  Especially, when Olivia has her own demons of her past creeping up, making her want to pursue putting Ben’s colleague in jail and worst out of the Army.

Of course Jessica does an amazing job on making these two characters feel for each other.  She doesn’t make it easy for either one of them though.  I think they fought more than anything, but in the end they complimented each other.  They needed each other, they were just stubborn to talk about past problems to each other.  It seemed to be not trusting thing between both of them.

I had a hard time putting down my Kindle while reading this book, but struggled during certain parts of the book because believe me certain issues were definitely bothersome.  I won’t go into detail on what the colleague did, but let’s just say it’s something that would bother a Mom like me.  I’m very protected of my family and for me this was a touchy subject, but Jessica did make it come to light what was happening in the end.  It made me cry even more for the individual.   I of course felt more for the victim too.   All the person wanted was someone to step in and help, but not hurt the individual.

I give this book 4.5 moons and recommend it to readers out there that enjoy reading contemporary romance.  If you enjoy military reads this is the book for you too.  Because of Jessica Scott I need to read military contemporary romance right now.  I’m way too addicted thanks to her Coming Home series.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2014/03/12/arc-review-its-always-been-you-by-jessica-scott