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4.5 moons - "An Alpha's Path" by Carrie Ann Ryan

An Alpha's Path - Carrie Ann Ryan

This is my first book I’ve read from Carrie Ann Ryan and now I’m kicking myself in the butt for not reading any of her books sooner.  I need to make time to read the other books in the series because An Alpha’s Path already hooked me.  I have been reading too many Contemporary Romance and New Adult books and I needed a PNR book to gain my interest again.  An Alpha’s Path definitely did the trick.

In An Alpha’s Path is the first book in the Redwood Pack Series, and we’re introduced to Melanie who is a chemist.  Her friends think she needs to get away from her lab for a while and have some fun.  I definitely believe she needed this fun due to how Carrie Ann Ryan wrote her.  Melanie was definitely serious about her work and she definitely needed something to open her up.  She tended to take life too seriously and I definitely was rooting for her to have some fun.  Her friends end up setting her up with a blind date and they want her to let loose with her blind date.

Kade is over one hundred years older and has been searching for his mate for a while. He is beyond sexy the minute he is introduced in the book and I definitely was loving his alpha ways. =)  He is set up by his brother to go out on a blind date because his brother says he needs to get over his last lover and to let loose.  He reminds me of someone….hmmm?

Both Melanie and Kade have an instant connection in the story due their personalities, and I loved how Carrie Ann Ryan got them together eventually at the end.  It wasn’t easy, but that is because the story had some major drama in it.  For being a short novella I definitely enjoyed reading it. I need more though after reading it and can’t wait to find some time to read the rest of the series back to back.  =)

I give this book 4.5 moons and recommend it to readers out there that love PNR, and want a quick read before bed or just a quick read any time. =)

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2014/02/20/review-an-alphas-path-by-carrie-ann-ryan