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5 full moons - "The Consequence" by Karin Tabke

The Consequences - Karin Tabke

The Consequence is the final installment to The Chronicles of Katrina and let’s just say…be prepared for a very explosive conclusion.  It picks up where The Truth left us at and darn it…poor Katrina cannot get a break, when it comes to men….especially with dealing with Simon.  Secrets come to surface in the Consequence that have been bugging us readers like crazy since book one.  Simon pissed me off several times in previous books and then even worse in this book, but he definitely made up for it at the end.  Oh…he definitely made up for it.  =)

Be prepared for the crazy ex-sister in law to try to weasel her way into Katrina and Simon’s relationship.  Can I say crazy?!!!  I felt for Simon really, but he did not stop it from the beginning from happening.  He had his hands full, but Katrina put the crazy ex-sister in law in her place.

We get Evan and his crazy butt too in The Consequence, but everything is going to fall apart around him and he’s finally going to get what he deserved.  (evil laugh from me)  =)  I can’t help it…he deserved what he got.  He was a jerk from the beginning, but I do thank him for introducing Simon to Katrina.  She deserved some happiness.

Simon and Katrina’s relationship is put to the test several times in this installment, but we know they can handle anything thrown at them.  Karin doesn’t make it easy for them, but I had faith in Karin on bringing two people together that definitely were meant to be.

Karin did a spectacular job ending the Chronicles of Katrina like she did.  I was cursing at times, while reading, and of course smiling too.  Karin knows how to keep a reader’s emotions going, and it only took me less than an hour to finish this book.

I’m looking forward to what Karin has up her sleeves next…because she lets readers know, she’s not done.  She is writing a series thanks to Simon and Katrina.  I can’t wait…more sexy cops.  Yes please!!!

Oh…we will get the dynamic duo again in the series.  Heck yes!!

I give this book 5 moons and highly recommend it to readers, who love contemporary erotic romance, and love some very sexy cops.

You must read the previous books first though: The DareDouble DareThe Truth.  It’s a must, otherwise you will be lost if you begging with The Consequence.


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