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4 full moons - "Shatter" by Joan Swan

Shatter - Joan  Swan

NOTE:  This review was supposed to be posted the beginning of this month, as soon as I finished the book, but unfortunately I definitely was not expecting getting food poisoning.  =(  I’m still recovering from it and I think I finally can eat right and be able to read a book without feeling ill.  Ugh!!!

I was excited to read Shatter by Joan Swan because this was Mitch’s book.  I fell for Mitch in the first book, Fever and I know a bunch of other women fell for him too.  I have been waiting patiently for Mitch’s book, so I definitely was anxious to get my hands on, who was going to end up with Mitch.   Okay, I admit it…I wanted to know which female character I had to hate now.  Yup…I’m jealous that Mitch now has a happily ever after.  *sigh*  –insert tears–

Shatter opens up with Mitch finding the one person he has not seen in the last 7 years because she broke his heart.  Halini Beloi did not want to be found though.  She hid for a reason and now her worst nightmare has come true.  The one person, she tried to protect is in danger again because he found her.  Mitch is determined to find out the truth of Halini and why she decided to run and hide.  He wants to know what she did during her job and let her know what is happening with her previous employer.  Halini is trying to run from what her previous employer had her do.  Unfortunately, her past is going to creep back and destroy the one person she has ever loved.

Joan did an amazing job with Shatter and making us fall for Mitch again and again…but she did manage to make me hate Mitch too because like I said, he found his happiness.  He also changed a bit in the story that most readers may not be used to.  Every woman’s heart is broken now.  Mitch though, will forever be my favorite character in the series because of his crazy personality.  He has a way with the women and a way of making every man hate him.  Well…he does have connections due to his job and he does make everyone’s life hell….but he will melt your heart the minute he is around kids.  Especially, during a one certain scene that made me melt like crazy.  Oh boy…why is he fictional!!!!

Halini is the stubborn strong willed female character in the story and she kind of got on my nerves due to having trust issues and also running constantly.  But, she did kick butt a lot in Shatter and even managed to handle her self well during certain situations.  I can see why she was perfect for Mitch in the end, it just took me awhile to like her.  She did steal the most eligible and sexy male character out of the series.

I enjoyed the storyline of Shatter and definitely was turning pages on my Kindle like crazy to find out what is going to happen next.  I just felt that sometimes the characters got on my nerves a bit with the back and forth of the situation that Mitch was trying to figure out about Halini.  There also was the situation with Halini not giving up that something was going to happen to Mitch due to her premonitions, she kept having.

There is something about Halini that you will find out that will make her unique just like the previous characters in the series that you will be fascinated about.

I give Shatter 4 full moons and recommend it to romantic suspense readers out there that like a book with a paranormal romance element to it.

P.S. – The cover of the book definitely does not fit Shatter at all…and that was definitely a big disappointment…but oh well…at least I got to have Mitch’s book.  =)  Just wish the publisher would have dived deeper into Mitch’s looks and personality and found a better cover to fit his book.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from Netgalley via the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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