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5 full moons - "Shattered Ink" by Laura Wright

Shattered Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles) - Laura Wright

Shattered Ink is definitely one HOT, Steamy novella!  CRAP-OLA…I think I am still trying to cool down after reading this book.

Shattered Ink continues with Addison and Rush’s story and how they definitely need more of each other.  Both of them are missing each other, while they are apart and Rush has broken a big time oath of his in this book.  I’m a little shocked over what he did…but he must love her very much.  Believe me…he definitely LOVES her!  He showed so many ways and times in this short novella.

Addison is going through issues in the book due her friend mentioning how she acts, when she is not around Rush.  Let’s just say, she’s doing things that make her friend want to vomit several times.  LOL

There is a little drama in the book due to Rush’s ex-girlfriend showing up and she’s definitely a spit-fire one.  I could have slapped her for Addison.

Oh..and we get a sneak into Lisa’s head at the end and what she is thinking about Vincent (Rush’s co-worker at Wicked Ink).


Laura Wright gives you a very hot short novella with VERY STEAMY sexual scenes between Rush and Addison.  Even more scorching than First Ink.  Addison is definitely a vixen in this story and Rush definitely has his hands full with her.  =)

I give this book 5 full moons and highly recommend it to readers out there that love books that have 2nd chance loves that give you tension, hotness, and sexiness all in one.

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2013/10/28/review-shattered-ink-by-laura-wright