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5 full moons - "Double Dare" by Karin Tabke

Double Dare - Karin Tabke

Karin Tabke has Double Dare pick up where The Dare left off at and this book just makes me want even more of the sexy, green-eyed Captain named Simon. I cannot even get him out of my head right now, while typing up this review. He definitely won me over even more after reading the Double Dare...even with that shocking cliff-hanger. I should be confused and angry, just like Katrina is...but I just cannot. 
In Double Dare, we have Katrina going through hell due to what happened in The Dare and it is about to get worst for her. Her douche of a co-worker, Evan is about to make her life hell at her job since their falling out ( when he finally told her the truth ... what a jerk ) and Simon is determined to win Katrina over ( he is not going to give up her ). Katrina just wants to live her life and to cut off ties with any man out there. She has no one to turn to, when the crap hits the fan, until she realizes the one man she has been trying to avoid, may be the only person, who can help her. 
So many questions were answered in Double Dare, but so many questions were opened up and not answered. Ugh! This is short book, but it definitely makes you go through so many emotions. 

Katrina definitely has issues and Double Dare opens up those issues, but I think with Simon, she will slowly get over them. Simon has a way with the ladies...because even though he is fictional...he definitely has won me over. (*fanning myself*) He is so friggin' mysterious and I want to know the truth about him. 

This short book contains sexting between Katrina and Simon, Ben Wa balls as a gift from Simon to Katrina, and Katrina's fantasy of doing something in a public place. Oh boy...that was definitely the HOTTEST scene in the book because someone was watching the whole entire scene happen.

I highly recommend this short novella and give it 5 full moons. I definitely need the next book already...because I really need me some more of Simon. I miss him already. I need to find out the truth about him...because darn it, Karin, you left us hanging.

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