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5 moons - Dark Needs at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole

Dark Needs at Night's Edge - Kresley Cole

I'm slowing but surely going back to re-read the IAD series from Kresley Cole, but this time I'm listening to them. I'm enjoying every bit of the narrator Robert Petkoff's way of bringing my favorite characters to life through his voice. I swear Robert is a genius at getting the characters accents and tones perfectly for Kresley Cole's IAD series.  The man is amazing and I can't say it enough that I highly recommend listening to this series on audio. Robert has become one of my favorite narrators to listen to, and I only wish I could have him as the voice of my GPS instead of that annoying lady I have to listen to. He would make it more enjoyable to get through roads I've never driven on before. In fact I wouldn't even mind if he got the directions wrong to where I was going. =)

If there is one thing I love about re-reading (or in this case listening) a book is that I get to enjoy going back into a story I loved. Dark Needs at a Night's Edge was one of my favorites, when I read it first in 2010. I couldn't wait to dive into learning more about Conrad Wrath and which female character would win him over. He is a Wroth, but he's not like his brothers. He's too consumed into his bloodlust and hating his brothers for what they did in the past. Unfortunately, he never thought a sweet female would change his mind about his current situation his brothers put him in. His brothers have imprisoned him in a old home in Louisiana to hopefully get him better, but he's not going to make it easy for them. He has a phantom bugging him constantly in the residence he is now confined to. No one else can see her but him and he's intrigued by her. Naomi was once a famous ballerina, but she was murdered one night and she haunts her home to keep away trespassers, but the minute she meets Conrad, she realizes there is scarier creatures out there that she didn't know about.

Kresley Cole did a beautiful job on making such a ruthless character show a different side. Conrad never wanted to become what he was and he had it rough from the beginning on accepting the change. I felt sympathetic for him since the moment he was mentioned in previous books. He was the long lost Wroth brother and I was ready to learn around the ruthless brother.  It takes a beautiful ballerina phantom to show Conrad what he really is capable of. I just love how Conrad and Naomi's relationship grew in the book. It wasn't easy, but it was well worth it. They were perfect together. Naomi's murder is a really sad story, so be prepared for some emotional moments. The poor girl definitely needed some closure for what happened to her.

I won't go into the story anymore because I don't want to give anything away. I loved Conrad and Naomi's love story because of how difficult it was to get these two together, due to how different they were personality and physically wise.

I give this book 5 full moons and give the narrator 5 full moons as well. I highly recommend this series to PNR readers out there. They must be read in order though. You don't want to miss out on the other Wroth brothers.

Now…I must find time to finish the others in the series on audiobook. I can't say it enough, this series should be listened to. =)

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