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4.5 stars - Lock & Key by Cat Porter

Lock & Key - Cat Porter

I was going to stop reading MC books since I tried to read two different ones back in August, and let’s just say I couldn’t get past the first couple of chapters. I was tired of reading about female characters that were new to motorcycle clubs, and they ended up becoming a stripper or treated like crap in the club. Grrr!

But….when I read the synopsis of Lock & Key, I knew I had to check it out. Cat Porter had me from the first page of Lock & Key and she redeemed my love for MC books. Finally, an author wrote a MC Romance, where the female character, Grace was already apart of the MC world and she actually was highly respected. Cat also made me cry several times in Lock & Key because of what Grace went through. The poor woman never caught a break it seemed. Not only did she have to deal with her dad up and leaving, her mom passing away, her big sister going to jail, her husband being killed, but also the troubles of being apart of the One-Eyed Jacks dilemmas all over again. (Yup…the woman deserved happiness or at least some kind of good news) She returns to the one place she was told to stay away from, but  her big sister is sick and she must be there for her brother-in-law and nephew.

She never thought she would see the One-Eyed Jacks and be part of their crazy world again. Life can throw you curves in life and one of curves could end up throwing you an opportunity to have happiness again.

In Lock & Key, Grace is going to have to face the past of what happened to her husband, and she’ll also have to face falling in love all over again (but with someone that can help save her).

I loved every bit of Lock & Key, while reading it because I enjoyed reading a different kind of MC romance book. The female character, Grace is strong and determined in Lock & Key. The only thing that drove me crazy with Grace was how she pushed people away. She couldn’t trust anyone, which I could understand especially with how certain people treated her and her past creeping up on her. What I loved most about Lock & Key is how Cat Porter had the story go back and forth from the past to present day with Grace. She also had Miller’s point of view, which is the main male character in the story. He was a jerk at times, but he also was hard not to love. He won me over the minute he was introduced into the story and once you get his point of view, you’ll love him even more.

Lock & Key is a really long story that follows what happened in the past to present with the characters, but Cat Porter made the story flow very well. I look forward to reading more about the One-Eyed Jacks. This is one MC Romance that managed to top the others I have read in the past. It also introduced me to a new author, who I’ll be stalking online now to find out what she releases next.  =)

I give this 4.5 moons and recommend it to readers who are fans of MC books. If you looking for something different to read in the MC romance world, this is definitely the book to read.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from RockStarLit PR (via the author) in exchange for an honest review.

Source: http://booklovinmamas.com/2014/10/16/review-lock-key-by-cat-porter